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4 Must See Sights in The Dominican Republic

Looking for an Island get away that is away from the crowds? It’s time to take a closer look at the Dominican Republic. The Dominican offers a taste of the authentic island lifestyle and friendly local people who enjoy nothing more than bachataing (dancing) the night away. Punta Cana Let’s talk about Punta Cana. If you have looked into a Holiday in the DR, chances are Punta Cana is on your radar. Tourists flock here and it’s no surprise, the beaches are Instagram worthy and…

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What To Do With 48 Hours in Amsterdam

Thousands of people flock to Amsterdam every year and it has become the increasingly popular as a weekend getaway destination. Everyone knows about the Red Light district but Amsterdam has so much more to offer. With beautiful architecture and hundreds of canal ways to inspire you it’s no wonder it keeps growing in popularity among tourists. So, if you are planning to spend a weekend in Amsterdam and aren’t quite sure what should be on your to-do list have no worries! Here are the top…

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3 Travel Trends You Can Expect to See in 2018

As we leave 2017 behind let’s take a moment to look at the exciting new trends that you can expect to see in the upcoming year.   TRAVEL SOLO! This year expect to see single travelers at an all-time high. Millennials are done waiting for a special someone to travel the world with and are taking the initiative to get out and experience the world solo. Vantage travel promotes their solo tours and reported an 11% increase in the number of solo bookings in 2017.…

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A batch of inspiration to start writing!

Becoming and inspired writer So this is my first post I guess! Wow! First of all I want to say welcome to my site, I hope you enjoy what you find here. Make sure to add the link and come back for future posts and updates. Writing isn’t for everyone… But for those of us who it IS for, we absolutely love it! I have always loved writing even from a young age as I was growing up. While all the other kids would go…