A batch of inspiration to start writing!

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A batch of inspiration to start writing!

Becoming and inspired writer

So this is my first post I guess! Wow! First of all I want to say welcome to my site, I hope you enjoy what you find here. Make sure to add the link and come back for future posts and updates.

Writing isn’t for everyone…

But for those of us who it IS for, we absolutely love it! I have always loved writing even from a young age as I was growing up. While all the other kids would go out to play for recess, I would stay inside and write about whatever came to my head. This being my first post and all, I figured it fitting to share a little bit of inspiration for aspiring writers, but more specifically those focused on writing about travel.

Because the goal of this blog is to share with you my own personal writings and draft copies of snippets I plan to publish in the future, I thought it would be fitting to share a video that has inspired me so much. Lavinia Spalding is a renowned travel and food writer. In her TED talk she shares how by spreading travel stories, you can take part in change throughout the world.

Give it a watch here:


Was that not inspiring or what?! I absolutely love it and I hope you did too and are now inspired to start spreading your personal travel stories to start affecting change in the world. I think it is so cool how she emphasizes that positive, measurable change can come from sharing stories. It is just how our ancestors used to communicate in times past. Without cell phones, computers and the internet, they relied on stories alone to pass knowledge along. This is just so inspiring to me and I will one day hope that my stories too will have an impact on the world and future generations.


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