What To Do With 48 Hours in Amsterdam

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What To Do With 48 Hours in Amsterdam

Thousands of people flock to Amsterdam every year and it has become the increasingly popular as a weekend getaway destination. Everyone knows about the Red Light district but Amsterdam has so much more to offer. With beautiful architecture and hundreds of canal ways to inspire you it’s no wonder it keeps growing in popularity among tourists. So, if you are planning to spend a weekend in Amsterdam and aren’t quite sure what should be on your to-do list have no worries! Here are the top must-see sites.


Try the Local Food

If you are a cheese lover Amsterdam is your heaven. Try the local Gouda or take a visit to the cheese museum where you can sample all the most popular Dutch cheeses. Raw Herring is considered a Dutch specialty so if you are brave enough definitely give a try, you will be sure to see herring carts scattered all over the city. If raw fish is too scary for you try a stroopwafel, this Dutch treat is made from two thin waffles sandwiched together with sweet syrup and served fresh and hot In short, it’s delicious. Don’t take my word for it check out iamsterdams post 15 Dutch Foods to Try in Amsterdam


The Museums

The Museumsplein is home to three of the most famous museums in Amsterdam The Van Gough Museum, Stedelijk Museum an Rijksmuseum. Here you will find hundreds of amazing works of art by old Dutch masters including of course Vincent Van Gough. It’s a great way to spend the day and don’t forget to get a photo with the iconic IAMSTERDAM sign located behind the Rijksmuseum. TIP, get there really early if you want to get a picture with the sign by yourself. If you wait until later in the day there will be hundreds of tourists in your photo.


The Ann Frank House

This is an absolute must do if you are making a trip to Amsterdam. €10 gets you a guided tour through the historic house where Ann Frank lived and stayed hidden during World War 2. You also get to see excerpts from her diary and get a unique insight into her life. This is an emotional eye opening experience and I recommend you bring a tissue.


Canal Cruise

There is a reason that Amsterdam is called “the Venice of the North” hundreds of canals weave throughout the city and therefore a great way to see the sites is by water. There are many different canal tours that operate daily you can find an hour cruise for as little as €8. Most tours provide informative commentary on your journey so you may even learn something while you take in the sites of the beautiful city.



This is a favorite among the locals and the tourists. Vondelpark receives about 10 million visitors a year, take a walk through it and you will see why. 47 Hectares of green parks and fields make it the perfect get away from the hustle and bustle of the city. If the sun is shining pack yourself a picnic and spend a couple hours people watching in the sun.


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